Secrets of the Catacombs

I guess by seeing the featured image above, you were probably wondering how come I would post a creepy picture like this one. Ironically enough, I just finished watching this horror movie called, “As Above, So Below.” It’s a movie about a small group exploring the Catacombs of Paris, and basically many of them die and so forth. And I just recently visited the Catacombs of Paris.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, the Catacombs of Paris are basically underground ossuaries holding the remains of six million Parisians. It’s full of old tunnel networks, caves and dark secrets. It has been open to the public since 1874. Luckily today, they restricted almost the entire place from the public, which is good because if it wasn’t, who knows how many people would get lost.

My wait to the Catacombs began with an hour wait outside from the barred entrance. And as I arrive in front, there are various signs in different languages saying that I’m about to enter the empire of the dead. My visit began with a narrow spiral staircase going down around 20 meters underground. After, you’ll find yourself in a small room with the entrance to the Catacombs on your right.

When you first walk inside, visually it’s a bit creepy but psychologically it’s even creepier because you already know what to expect – the final resting place of six million Parisians. The first thing you will expect is the scent of the area, now it doesn’t smell bad but it does smell like the inside of an old abandoned church. After you experience the smell, it gets better.

As you are walking, you can see many bones and skulls piled up into pillars and some even placed to make a heart and other forms. It was quite nice.


Many signs were placed on the walls saying, “Respectez les morts” – Respect the dead. Many visitors were respecting the dead, meaning, not doing anything stupid with the skulls and bones, but many people weren’t. I actually witnessed a man putting his arm around a skull and making a peace sign. Some people are honestly stupid and disrespectful. I guess the notion of respecting the dead was a bit lost in the crowd.


In some parts of the Catacombs which are open to the public, you’ll find a few security guards here and there making sure everyone respects the cemetery. But because they’re not everywhere watching you, that doesn’t mean you can trash the place, that said, I actually found a few beer cans and cigarette buds on the ground.

But even with the beer cans and cigarette buds on the floor, I still had an epic time. I found my visit quite interesting and it was a fun experience.

At the end of my visit, unfortunately, was a 30-meter narrow spiral staircase going up, but as you exit to civilization, you’ll find a cute gift shop. There you can purchase skull shaped cookies, artwork, and mugs.

If you like this kind of stuff, I definitely suggest this place as a place to visit because it’s something you have never seen before and also because it’s a well-known place with a lot of history behind it.



Seeing the Eiffel Tower

Before I get on with this post and show you the incredible Eiffel Tower, can we just take a moment to admire or at least appreciate this amazing landmark? I managed to take this picture on the famous Bâteau de Mouche, a boat ride that shows you different landmarks, which was great.

Anyways, back on to what this post is really about – Eiffel Tower, aka the Iron Lady – Paris’ most famous landmark!

It was my first time in Paris, and I must say I enjoyed every second of it, I mean, what can you not love about it? From the culture to the architecture, to the beautiful language and its exquisite French cuisine… Sounds like a dream, right?


I always wanted to visit Paris and see its famous landmark, because first of all, it’s always on social media and magazines, not to mention how my friends and family are always telling me their wildest stories about their trip there, so my curiosity grew even more. But when you’re actually there in person, it’s a whole different story.

If you’ve ever been to the Eiffel Tower, you’d know that there are different entrance fees. The prices vary depending on what part of the Eiffel Tower you wish to visit, which means it would cost less to use the stairs to the second floor than using the elevator. However, if you would like to use the elevator all the way to the top, it’s quite expensive. But don’t let the price discourage your decision, because when you’re either on the second level or the top floor, the view is simply breathtaking.

Here is a picture from the amazing view I got from the second floor! This picture was taken by my sister Jasmine.


Here is another example of the gorgeous view of the city, but now from the very top of the Eiffel Tower. First, I must quickly mention that there are thousands of tourists daily wanting to see the Eiffel Tower and its view, so I suggest going in the early morning when there are fewer people. It’s less of a hassle time wise, but also there isn’t a big crowd blocking your view, and if you love taking pictures, assuming you do, it would be much easier and you’d enjoy it more.


The Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly beautiful, and if you ever are in Paris – it is definitely worth a visit.


Remember: Bring your camera – or else you will regret it!

Overall, my trip to the Eiffel Tower was incredible! I loved every second of it.

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