A New World Is Born…

And when the most cruel beings ever to exist had been wiped out

After destroying their planet and each other,

Stuck in their bubble for a love of greed and destruction

A new world is born.

After millennials of a polluted earth

The sun finally shines through the smoke and dust,

Making the once dirty landscape into a beautiful landscape

Animals then continue their lives in a world that was once theirs.

No more fear of being hunted to extinction

No more habitats being destroyed for human purposes,

Just a silent breeze blowing the once bad things to good things

A fresh new beginning for planet Earth

Thus, a new world is born.

I wrote this short poem because seeing our world being destroyed by our own is truly heartbreaking. Life on Earth is the best gift one could have, to live life to its fullest and to see our world’s wonders is something so great, but at the same time, we do not deserve such a gift if we are to destroy it.

This picture shot by National Geographic photographer Anton Petrus, should remind us all that our planet is beautiful and that we should protect it at all cost.

It is my actions that determine the future and hope for this generation and the next.

© Benjamin Lessard – TheBenLessard

As Fragile And As Unique

Yes, our people have accomplished so many things.

They’ve discovered the wonders of our world,

Climbed the highest mountains,

Invented incredible things,

Even traveled to the moon and back.

But we can be fragile beings,

A moment of laughter can be driven to tears,

Broken by trust and fault,

Deceived by the most idiotic situations.

And we can be replenished,

Healed by love and trust,

Bandaged by the sand of times,

Recovered by the burden of family.

In the end,

We are fragile beings.

Broken by fault and fixed with love.

I love the idea of something beautiful, like a vase or a painting, that can be broken so easily. And while one might easily toss it aside, the others fixes it. The end result has more beauty than it did before because of someone’s talent, time and love.

Uniquely, I am showing the veracity of the human person. One can be so easily hurt and sad but can be easily fixed with love and trust. In the end, we are fragile beings. Broken by fault and fixed with love.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and stay tuned for more to come!

© Benjamin Lessard – TheBenLessard

Oh Wonderful Water

The water fills our earth,

It understands civilization well.

With a face of golden pleasure,

It puts us under a spell.

Elegantly it makes us feel better,

Whenever we hear its sound.

How magical it is,

It makes my heart pound.

We’d splash inside a cool fresh stream,

How beautiful, how sweet the dream.

A continuous journey,

How amazing, how it will never end.

Oh wonderful water.