A New World Is Born…

And when the most cruel beings ever to exist had been wiped out

After destroying their planet and each other,

Stuck in their bubble for a love of greed and destruction

A new world is born.

After millennials of a polluted earth

The sun finally shines through the smoke and dust,

Making the once dirty landscape into a beautiful landscape

Animals then continue their lives in a world that was once theirs.

No more fear of being hunted to extinction

No more habitats being destroyed for human purposes,

Just a silent breeze blowing the once bad things to good things

A fresh new beginning for planet Earth

Thus, a new world is born.

I wrote this short poem because seeing our world being destroyed by our own is truly heartbreaking. Life on Earth is the best gift one could have, to live life to its fullest and to see our world’s wonders is something so great, but at the same time, we do not deserve such a gift if we are to destroy it.

This picture shot by National Geographic photographer Anton Petrus, should remind us all that our planet is beautiful and that we should protect it at all cost.

It is my actions that determine the future and hope for this generation and the next.

© Benjamin Lessard – TheBenLessard

A Fight For Social Justice / Social Equality

The amount of hatred and discrimination against someone’s race, religion, ethnicity and/or sexual orientation has always been a problem in the world we live in.

It absolutely boggles my mind thinking about it because, why would someone have the audacity to hurt a person who’s not exactly like him/her either verbally or physically? We were all created as equals, but for some reason, we can’t learn to live with each other peacefully nor can we learn to accept other people for who they are. Whether if you’re gay, black or white, catholic or Muslim, crippled or sick, nobody deserves to be discriminated because of their race, religion and/or sexual orientation. And if you are the person that discriminates someone for whatever reason, I’d tell you to think twice and look at yourself first before judging someone else, because nobody deserves to be mistreated.

The constant issue of social equality is not even close to ending, but if you look around outside, there are millions of people who are making a difference in the world and you might be that person who is doing so. After all, a journey to a thousand miles begins with one step. That’s all it takes.

Speaking of making a difference, yesterday I saw this amazing documentary talking about the legacy of John Lewis called, “Get In The Way: The Journey Of John Lewis.” It was a very sad documentary but at the same time, what he did to overcome racism and the brutality in that time period was absolutely incredible. A man who made a difference in the world and never stopped fighting for social justice and equality. He knew at that time what he was getting into, even for doing the right thing, but regardless of being sent to jail or getting a beating, he never gave up. One of the most striking moments was when a man, also a former leader of the KKK, came up to him several years later and apologized for being that racist and for hurting him physically, and John Lewis’ only answer was simply, “I forgive you.”

It is said that later, this documentary will be shown throughout the schools as a way to educate the students about this difficult time period. In the end, forgiveness and kindness come a long way, if you believe something is wrong and should be fixed then do something about it and make that difference in the world, be hopeful and mindful to yourself and each other and never give up. Unfortunately, racism and discrimination will always be a part of this world, but you can be that person that ends it. After all, it’s A Fight For Social Justice and A Fight For Social Equality!



As Fragile And As Unique

Yes, our people have accomplished so many things.

They’ve discovered the wonders of our world,

Climbed the highest mountains,

Invented incredible things,

Even traveled to the moon and back.

But we can be fragile beings,

A moment of laughter can be driven to tears,

Broken by trust and fault,

Deceived by the most idiotic situations.

And we can be replenished,

Healed by love and trust,

Bandaged by the sand of times,

Recovered by the burden of family.

In the end,

We are fragile beings.

Broken by fault and fixed with love.

I love the idea of something beautiful, like a vase or a painting, that can be broken so easily. And while one might easily toss it aside, the others fixes it. The end result has more beauty than it did before because of someone’s talent, time and love.

Uniquely, I am showing the veracity of the human person. One can be so easily hurt and sad but can be easily fixed with love and trust. In the end, we are fragile beings. Broken by fault and fixed with love.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and stay tuned for more to come!

© Benjamin Lessard – TheBenLessard

“Another World”: The Power of Reading

Lately books have been a great pastime. With books I have been able to forget all the bad things happening in the world. Books have always opened my imagination to greater things, and because of it, my curiosity has grown dramatically. I have been able to find a sanctuary if you will—a room of endless opportunities.

 Recently I have been thinking a lot about the power of reading and how it can positively affect you. I must say it has helped me to grow more profoundly as a human. It has helped me to concentrate better, it has improved my memory, it has reduced my stress level but most importantly it has helped me to better understand the world around me.

Surely it has happened to you multiple times that as you read, the book or the article has a way of communicating to you, almost as if it’s trying to tell you something important. It’s true for everybody, books can transport you within another world. It opens up your imagination and what you do with that is completely you choice. That’s the beauty of reading.

Personally I think every person should read at least one book a month, and even though it may sound frivolous and boring, the results and the experience in the end will completely change your life in the long run. What makes my reading experience better is a good book, music and silence. The best advice I ever got from anybody was that knowledge is power and to keep on reading.

Muslim Ban: Cowardly and Disgraceful

Here is a beautiful picture of Prime Minister Trudeau welcoming a Syrian family to Canada. Seeing this Syrian family smile makes my heart warm because you can see how happy they are.

I am so happy and proud to be Canadian but that sentence alone would be selfish because life is all about love and unity. What makes me proud beside being a Canadian here in Denver, is seeing all the wonderful Americans who are making their voices heard by peaceful protest. I think the cruel decision that President Trump decided on Friday, to temporarily ban all people from seven Muslim nations and to suspend Syrian refugees from entering the United States is disgraceful. Trump says he wants to strengthen borders but is that really what is happening? In times like this, I think it is good to make your voices heard, use your power, use your strength. The time to fight against diversity and racism is now. Don’t sit back and let this continue, these are real people whom were affected by this horrible decision and their lives matter. Personally I think love and unity are the most important things about life. As I mentioned in the Women’s March post, when we unite with love, so many beautiful things can be accomplished.

I know I haven’t posted anything for these past five days unfortunately, however I do intend to get back on posting regularly. I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for more!

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Oh Wonderful Water

The water fills our earth,

It understands civilization well.

With a face of golden pleasure,

It puts us under a spell.

Elegantly it makes us feel better,

Whenever we hear its sound.

How magical it is,

It makes my heart pound.

We’d splash inside a cool fresh stream,

How beautiful, how sweet the dream.

A continuous journey,

How amazing, how it will never end.

Oh wonderful water.


Women’s March

When I heard about the Women’s Marches going around the US, I was immediately intrigued. There were huge crowds of pink hats gathered up in different cities, famous singers and actresses supporting the cause, and many men and women talking about the importance of this day. The effect it had throughout the country but also throughout the world was absolutely incredible.

If you really think about it, seeing events and important causes such as this one, it should remind us the importance of being united with love. And though there might be stupidity and junk happening all around the world, let us not forget that love truly conquers all. When we are united and not divided, when we spread love and not hate, we can accomplish so many things. Just like these brave and wonderful men and women, we should also fight for what is right, for what we truly believe in regardless of what other people may think or say. After all, it’s what we do that can affect not only ourselves but to the entire world.

As always, I hope you liked this post and stay tuned for tomorrow’s post! Hope you are having a great day! 🙂

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