Welcome to my blog!

Launched 16 January 2017, TheBenLessard is a space dedicated to the expression of thoughts, experiences and ideas.


My name is Benjamin Lessard and I’m a teenager from Canada with a huge passion for photography, travel, and writing. As far as my passion for writing goes, my main focus as a personal blogger is to help inspire, motivate, as well as educate my readers about the world we live in and its everyday wonders.

And personally, I feel that there is no better way to connect with you, my audience, than sharing what I love to do, and that is writing about important worldly topics and issues that essentially affect me as an individual so that it may hopefully affect you in return, forcing you to reconsider your own truths. This can be shared through my reflections, poetry, and travel posts.

I hope you’re having a blessed day!

© Benjamin Lessard – TheBenLessard

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5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Just from taking a gander around your posts so far, I feel you write with a lot of maturity for your age 🙂 And that’s a noble mission I feel you’ve set for your blog – after all, society is bombarded with media nowadays, and we might as well use our writing to let someone feel happier or a little more inspired 😀 Good luck with your blogging journey!

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  2. I was 15 when I started blogging — now I am about twice that age! It’s crazy to think at this point I blogged about half my life. I guess it is safe to say that blogging is timeless and therapeutic to chronicle my journeys and passions.

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