We Should Empower Girls

Is feminism good?

I got asked this exact question from an individual last week, and my answer was pretty constructive and straightforward.

I certainly think the actual REAL definition of feminism is good and it should matter to us all. Fundamentally, this is a human rights issue. Discrimination has no place in the 21st century, and every girl has the right to go to school, stay safe from violence, access health services, and fully participate in her community. Girls should be treated with equal respect and should have same benefits and opportunities.


It’s something that WE all need to care about and invest our time in making sure that all girls have the right to be a girl and not what society forces them to be. You see because investing in girls is one of the smartest things we can do to promote a healthier, more prosperous world. More importantly, it’s the right thing to do. Every girl has the right to be in charge of her future and her fate.


That’s what feminism is all about. I am here to say that I am a feminist and that if we can all support girls, we will have a better society for not only ourselves, but for the future generations to come.

To finish off this post, I want to quote a fantastic woman whom I had the pleasure to meet; she’s an artful vandal named @MissMe. She’s a feminist who stands for the right thing, and that is empowering girls, nothing more, nothing less. What she says is very important and quite frankly the truth.

“To be born with a woman’s body is to bear the unsolicited burden of society’s unresolved attitude to sex.”

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That’s why we should Empower Girls.

Featured Photo: Photo credit: Jiro Ose for UN Foundation

Photo #1: Girl Up

Photo #2: Photo credit: UN Women


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Benjamin Lessard

Benjamin Lessard is a young Canadian writer and photographer on a mission to travel the world - Sharing his life's greatest moments, adventures, stories and pictures, he hopes to inspire and educate the world of our beautiful planet and what lies beyond it.

9 thoughts on “We Should Empower Girls”

  1. Wonderful post. I hate it when people condemn the sexual abuse cases with the Harvey Weinsteins, Bill Cosby, etc. because it’s for the daughters, wives, sisters, and other women in their life. Why do it for them? Do it because you’re a decent human being.

    Anyways it is hard being a woman. What I do to the men to teach them a lesson on inadvertent sexism is say and ask things I get on a regular basis because I am a woman like “how do you do it all?” “Why are you making more money than your spouse?” “You’re so bossy.” “Are you sure you can do this?”

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    1. Thank you for reading. Honestly this is an issue that shouldn’t be seen as a joke, but the tragedy is that it’s real and that’s it happening all over the world. I completely agree with you and that this topic should be taken more seriously instead of being comically displayed as irrelevant.


  2. This is such a great post!
    Feminism is a very misunderstood word, I believe. While some people think feminism means favouring girls, they ignore to acknowledge the fact that feminism refers to the importance of treating females equally, considering them equivalent to males.
    There is nothing that girls don’t deserve but, boys do. If a boy deserves high pay at his job, so does the girl. If a boy deserves education so does the girl. If a boy deserves the right to ‘choose’ to marry or not, so does the girl.
    The hindrance in the true meaning of feminism can only be found in the areas of the world where people are illiterate and do not understand what is beyond their understanding.
    Great post!

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