“Another World”: The Power of Reading

Lately books have been a great pastime. With books I have been able to forget all the bad things happening in the world. Books have always opened my imagination to greater things, and because of it, my curiosity has grown dramatically. I have been able to find a sanctuary if you will—a room of endless opportunities.

 Recently I have been thinking a lot about the power of reading and how it can positively affect you. I must say it has helped me to grow more profoundly as a human. It has helped me to concentrate better, it has improved my memory, it has reduced my stress level but most importantly it has helped me to better understand the world around me.

Surely it has happened to you multiple times that as you read, the book or the article has a way of communicating to you, almost as if it’s trying to tell you something important. It’s true for everybody, books can transport you within another world. It opens up your imagination and what you do with that is completely you choice. That’s the beauty of reading.

Personally I think every person should read at least one book a month, and even though it may sound frivolous and boring, the results and the experience in the end will completely change your life in the long run. What makes my reading experience better is a good book, music and silence. The best advice I ever got from anybody was that knowledge is power and to keep on reading.

Published by

Benjamin Lessard

Benjamin Lessard is a young Canadian writer and photographer on a mission to travel the world - Sharing his life's greatest moments, adventures, stories and pictures, he hopes to inspire and educate the world of our beautiful planet and what lies beyond it.

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