What Makes Good Photography Beautiful

You may be asking yourself, “Is photography considered an art form?”

In today’s society, you know as well as I know, a photograph does not need to prove itself that it is in fact an art form. Photography stands on its own without any reference to other arts. In other words, that’s what makes photography so beautiful and unique.

Here are four common elements I learnt in what makes a picture beautiful:

1. Photography can portray the photographer’s meaning and purpose.

You may be wondering how can a simple picture tell so much about the photographer’s meaning and purpose. Just imagine for a second, you visit an art gallery and decide to visit Leonardo Da Vinci’s art exhibition, you will obviously see many of his beautiful artwork but you may be asking yourself why he made that specific artwork (drawing, sketch, painting…). Each artwork represents a different meaning which relates to the artist’s purpose. Thus, that artist must have made “that” for a reason.

Same goes for photography, generally a photographer will take a picture that stands out for him, which means there’s a reason for why he took that picture. That reason alone may be because it’s so beautiful that he must capture that moment.


2. Choice of lighting 

You can’t pick it up. You can’t give it a hug – light is impalpable. Think of light as an object, a tool you can use that can make your photograph stand out. When I first started photography, I had to pay attention to the lighting and the mood it was creating. That is an important factor for photography and it’s true for all photographers. Light can affect the space and atmosphere of your surrounding. Light can draw out details and create contrast, but also it can bring emphasis to key elements within a frame. Whether you photograph in hard light or soft light, both can create stunning photography.

The photo below is a great example of lighting. Behind me, there was a gorgeous sunset happening, which was great because you can see the warm colors of the sky reflecting on the water, but what’s even better with this photo is that the camera is fixed so that it also portrays the hard light, meaning the trees as well as myself were completely black while there was color in the sky and water.


3. Photographer’s choice of distance to their object

Usually the distance the photographer choses to be from their subject will affect the true feeling of the overall picture. Many key aspects are for example the focus strength of the lenses, which means whether if the photograph portrays the subject from far or close, it will make the viewers feel like if they were actually there. I know for a fact that for any picture, it will stand out to me if I feel as if I was actually there, assuming you do too.

4. Moment

For photography, you need that moment that highlights a particular object or subject in time. That moment will create a captivating story. Every single part of the picture must interact with the other parts as smoothly as possible which will make your viewers like your picture because they will find it unique. Sure, not every photo will have that special moment when the parts come together perfectly, but it is important to keep in mind when shooting so that it creates a stronger moment for your audience.


I guess that sums up my four elements in what makes good photography beautiful. I have to be the first to admit that it’s not easy to have all four elements come together in one frame, however by aiming to capture all four elements will essentially improve myself to be better. Yes there are many more important elements that can make a beautiful picture, but these four elements in which I’ve talked about are my top four that can improve your photography at a greater level. If we start to recognize the importance of these elements, we will start to make stunning and beautiful pictures rather than just mediocre pictures. If you bring all elements together, no doubt you will have created something fantastic.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this post. I will be posting more Tips & Tricks in the future so stay tuned.

Published by

Benjamin Lessard

Benjamin Lessard is a young Canadian writer and photographer on a mission to travel the world - Sharing his life's greatest moments, adventures, stories and pictures, he hopes to inspire and educate the world of our beautiful planet and what lies beyond it.

2 thoughts on “What Makes Good Photography Beautiful”

  1. Thank you for sharing some tips – I am interested in photography myself and consider exploring the area a little bit more because it’s a beautiful form of art indeed!

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