Garden of the Gods

Where: Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

This is no question the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited in Colorado.

Before even going to Colorado Springs, I’ve been debating on many cool places I would like to take my older sister to. Why you may ask? Well, my sister just arrived from Ottawa to visit my family and myself in Denver. It was her first time visiting Denver so I figured she should make the most of it during her stay.

What better way to do so by visiting Garden of the Gods located in Colorado Springs. From Denver to Garden of the Gods, the total distance is about 112 kilometers away which means by car it would take a good hour and a half with no traffic.

So my family and I all agreed on taking my sister to Garden of the Gods. On our way there, I looked out my window and saw plenty of gorgeous mountains and red rock formations (which I’ve never seen before).

When we finally arrived in Colorado Springs, we decided to eat at a good burger joint not too far from our destination. After we gorged ourselves, we went directly to Garden of the Gods which was a ten-minute drive from the restaurant and already you could see the incredible red rock formations from far as well as the kilometers of mountains and greenery. Not only was there an incredible view but the day we decided to go to Garden of the Gods, the weather was absolutely fabulous. What I love about Colorado’s weather is that it’s dry, maybe a little too dry for me but it’s definitely not humid. And I’m guessing you don’t like humidity either.

Once we arrived, we took a long beautiful walk to explore the scenery and appreciate the magnificent view.



Isn’t the view beautiful? I mean seriously it was breath-taking. If you so happen to be in Colorado Springs, Colorado or would like to visit, I strongly suggest you visit Garden of the Gods because firstly you won’t regret it and secondly it would make great pictures.

After a fantastic and long day, we drove back home to hit the sacks and surely my sister enjoyed it as much as I did.

Stay tuned for my next post!

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Benjamin Lessard

Benjamin Lessard is a young Canadian writer and photographer on a mission to travel the world - Sharing his life's greatest moments, adventures, stories and pictures, he hopes to inspire and educate the world of our beautiful planet and what lies beyond it.

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