Perfect Spanish Weather

I arrived in Barcelona early afternoon, after driving for about two hours from Southern France with my family. We didn’t really have a reason to go but the idea randomly popped into our heads before leaving to Barcelona. Now, what exactly did we do once we arrived?
Nothing, although, because we were hungry and it was almost lunch time, we asked one of the locals for directions to the nearest restaurant that served lunch.
Luckily he pointed out a couple and we chose the best one.

Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the restaurant, however, I do remember they served soups, salads, chicken…So your typical restaurant. Anyhow, after we filled our stomachs with good food, we decided to take a walk, to explore the famous “Barcelona”. I did end up seeing a large Roman Catholic Church called “Sagrada Familia” designed by famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi – A major tourist attraction.


As you can see, the church itself is under construction.

When I first saw it, I immediately thought how weird-looking the church was from the outside. I’ve seen many churches in my life but I’ve never seen one that looked quite like this one. I’m not saying his work is ugly but on the contrary, I do admire his work and find it very original. If you so happen to be in Barcelona, and you would like to see his amazing work, it is very easy to distinguish which one is his compared to the others.


For me, I had only the entire day to explore Barcelona which meant I needed to see as much as possible. In front of the Sagrada Familia, there were several buses parked on the opposite side of the church. Immediately I ran to the bus to get inside and I ended up sitting on the second floor which was perfect. When the bus started moving, I felt a cool breeze and the warm sunlight on my face, not to mention I had a 360-degree view of the city.

During my bus ride, I saw plenty of malls, restaurants, beaches, a few docks, and many gardens. What was great with the bus ride is that it stopped at various locations throughout the city, which is perfect if you want to get off and go by feet.


In Barcelona, there are many beaches to choose from so you do not have to worry. It is absolutely beautiful, from the light blue water slowly fading into dark blue, from the pom trees to the perfect weather, to the several ice-cream beach shops, it couldn’t get any better!


After a two-hour bus ride showing the city of Barcelona, I finally got off and walked to the nearest ice-cream shop because I haven’t eaten for the entire ride. I ended up ordering a refreshing mango sorbet with a big bottle of water. Because the afternoon was ending, we decided to say goodbye to a fantastic day in Barcelona, and we were on our way back to La Redorte, France.

On the way to La Redorte, we somehow decided to go eat at a restaurant outside of Barcelona, but still in Spain. There we found a great Italian restaurant in front of the beach, and after we ate, we took a walk on the beach staring at the sunset, and when it was completely dark, we decided to drive back home.


One of the most memorable travels I had in a long time, even if it only lasted a day. I definitely suggest you go to Barcelona because it has everything and it is gorgeous!


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An awe-inspiring day in Narbonne



One of the many places where everyone desires to visit. But why?

Besides dating back to Ancient Rome, Narbonne is famous for its beaches, tourist attractions, and its gorgeous dry weather.

If you are planning on going here, which I strongly suggest you do, there are beautiful hotels such as the Brit Hotel Plaissance. It offers great rooms with a terrace view with seating, Wi-Fi, and on top of that, it’s surrounded by great shops, restaurants, and attractions.

Anyways, I went from La Redorte (where I was staying) to Narbonne which is a total of approximately 32 kilometers, so a 34-40 minute drive, which surprisingly didn’t take that long. When I arrived there, it was time to explore and eat because I was famished.

By the way, Narbonne has fantastic restaurants and cafes! And if you love shopping, there are great boutiques offering an abundance of different things.

After exploring the area a bit, I decided to go for a walk in a peaceful neighborhood away from everybody to take some air. As I was walking, I saw many old houses, probably over fifty years old or so, an old cathedral and a beautiful garden.



Now, this was the outside of the cathedral. I, unfortunately, did not have the chance to go inside because it was closed but I did, however, appreciate the architecture and the cobblestone streets leading towards the entrance. I just find it astonishing how they used to build buildings, streets…And yet still to this day, it remains rather intact, unlike our buildings today.


After my peaceful walk, I decided to go back and eat at this Italian restaurant. I naturallysat outside on the terrace to appreciate the view and the weather. I ordered homemade seafood pasta with a small platter of cheese, meat, and baguette which was delicious.

After my long and exciting day to Narbonne, I decided to head back home to La Redorte, when I arrived, I was exhausted, so I went up to my room and fell on my bed and slept, dreaming of my exciting day and what to do on the next day.


Remember: Bring sunscreen – it does tend to get very hot.

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