A trip to the south

Where: Hérault, France

I have seen many gorgeous sceneries and places as I travel to one location to the next during my trip to France, and I have to say, it has been wonderful every single day. Many of those days would be considered as being some of the best days of my life.

One day, I woke up feeling happy and excited as ever ready to explore. But what to do? I eventually decided to take a short trip to Minerve. I can recall feeling a bit tired, and I wasn’t really in the mood for walking.

But I have read that Minerve is a small and old village, 21 kilometers away from where I was staying in La Redorte. So, getting to Minerve was rather simple, and as I was driving, looking outside my windshield, there were kilometers of mountains and greenery everywhere.


Anyways when I arrived, I was very shocked to see how small but beautiful the village was. I’m guessing a few families were living there, but otherwise, it was mostly a tourist attraction. However, on that day, there weren’t that many tourists…Thank God! As I explored the village, I saw a small bakery, a couple of restaurants (straightforward), an ice-cream shop, and a few small boutiques selling their goods.

What I found the most surprising was, many people who came to visit Minerve left pretty early, maybe they had already visited the entire village or perhaps they had places to go. Regardless, I enjoyed it.

I recall the weather being partly sunny with many clouds in the sky and a crisp breeze.

The best part of the day was exploring a whole new area of Southern France, an area in which I didn’t even know existed. I sure was glad to visit it. A very memorable trip.


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Benjamin Lessard

Benjamin Lessard is a young Canadian writer and photographer on a mission to travel the world - Sharing his life's greatest moments, adventures, stories and pictures, he hopes to inspire and educate the world of our beautiful planet and what lies beyond it.

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